Thirty Days: An Inside Account of Tony Blair at War

Paperback. Pub Date: 2004 Pages: 256 in Publisher: Harper Collins For thirty days I was close by him at historic events – in the places where writers never are the Before itain could help the United States in the war against of Saddam Hussein . Tony Blair faced a battle against his own voters. his own party. and his own allies in Europe. These were among the most tense and tumultuous weeks the world had seen since the fall of the Berlin Wall. In thirty days. Blair took on his opponents and won. Through it all. Peter Stothard had unprecedented access to Blair – from Ten Downing Street and the House of Commons through the war summits in the Azores. ussels. Belfast. and at Camp David. Stothard ings us inside the corridors of power during this extraordinary time. offering a vivid. up-close view of an enormously popular leader facing the challenge of his life.



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The Blair Years: Extracts from the Alastair Campbell Diaries

The Blair Years: Extracts from the Alastair Campbell Diaries

The Blair Years is the most compelling and revealing account of contemporary politics you will ever read. Taken from Alastair Campbell’s daily diaries, it charts the rise of New Labour and the tumultuous years of Tony Blair’s leadership, providing the first important record of a remarkable decade in our national life. Here are the defining events of our time, from Labour’s new dawn to the war on terror, from the death of Diana to negotiations for peace in Northern Ireland, from Kosovo, Afghanistan and Iraq, through to the Hutton Inquiry of 2003, the year Campbell resigned his position at No 10. But above all here is Tony Blair up close and personal, taking the decisions that affected the lives of millions, under relentless and often hostile pressure. Often described as the second most powerful figure in Britain, Alastair Campbell is no stranger to controversy. Feared and admired in equal measure, hated by some, he was pivotal to the founding of New Labour and the sensational election victory of 1997. As Blair’s press secretary, strategist and trusted confidant, Campbell spent more waking hours alongside the Prime Minister than anyone. His diaires – at times brutally frank, often funny, always compelling – take the reader right to the heart of government. The Blair Years is a story of politics in the raw, of progress and setback, of reputations made and destroyed, under the relentless scrutiny of a 24-hour media. Unflinchingly told, it covers the crises and scandals, the rows and resignations, the ups and downs of Britain’s hothouse politics. But amid the big events are insights and observations that make this a remarkably human portrayal of some of the most powerful people in the world. There has never been so riveting a book about life at the very top, nor a more human book about politics, told by a man who saw it all.

Blair's Wars

Blair's Wars

Edition Free Press (an imprint of Simon & Schuster Publishing Ltd.), First Impression, 2003. ISBN: 0-7432-4829-5. HARDBACK. 380 pages, size: 16.2 x 24 x 3.2 cm. Just light tan to paper edges. Other than that, the new and unread book remains in excellent condition: dust cover intact; cloth bound hard cover bright with gilt lettering on spine; text all clean, neat and tight. Prompt dispatch from UK.