Chic Murray's Funnyosities

My boss is so narrow minded that when he has an idea, it comes out folded I use to write her love letters in the sand. But it was an incredible hassle trying to get sand into the pillar box ‘Do you know the piano’s resting on my foot?’. ‘No, but hum it and I’ll play it’. Chic Murray is a cult figure of alternative humour, a comedic pioneer ranked in the highest echelons of his art in the last century and admired around the world. "Funnyosities" features a huge number of Chic’s funniest one-liners – some well known and others taken from material newly found by the great man’s family. This collection is the perfect distillation of Chic’s gloriously off-beat humour.



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Tom Swifties… "The ultimate game of wordplay and intelligence"

Tom Swifties... "The ultimate game of wordplay and intelligence"

Tom Swifties are parodies of the distinctive writing style that writer Victor Appleton used often in writing the Tom Swift adventure series (1910-present). Appleton frequently used adverbs to clarify “how” his character said something. Today, Tom Swifties are puns that creatively incorporate humor into their sentence construction. Typically, a sentence is first spoken, followed by the speaker. It then incorporates a punning adverbial word or phrase. Sometimes, a person other than “Tom” is needed to be the speaker for the pun. Here’s a sample of the over 400 Tom Swifties found in this book: "And I, I took the path less traveled by," said Tom pathetically."And they stole my mallards, too," Tom added deductively."Build it and they will come," said Tom constructively."Did you see that halter on her?" Tom asked stopping in his tracks."Help! We’re being washed over the falls," cried Tom rapidly."Hey, someone just goosed me," Tom cried foully."I always have trouble thinking of words to use when I play Scrabble," Tom said with writer’s block."I believe she’ll be able to transcribe my messages," Tom predicted."I can make some extra money during deer season cutting meat," Tom said cleverly."I got left out of the will," Tom said unfortunately."I tossed and turned and kicked the blankets off last night," Tom discovered."I’m doing pretty well in my landscaping business," said Tom raking in the cash. A Fun and Mentally Challenging Read "Tom Swifties are probably the ultimate game of wordplay and intelligence," Tom said fundamentally. Now, you can challenge your understanding of how specific word choices shape meaning or tone. Use the sentence-level context as a clue to the meaning of a word or phrase. This book will keep your attention from the beginning to the end. Tom Swifties is truly a “fun” and “mental” read.Would You Like To Read More?You can use Amazon’s “Click to LOOK INSIDE!” feature to check out Tom Swifties before you buy. Just click on the book image above and start browsing.You are just a click of the mouse away from getting your copy of Tom Swifties. So, what are you waiting for? Get Tom Swifties today. Scroll to the top, click the “buy now with 1 click” button and start reading my ebook within a few minutes!

Sharklock Bones: Zoo Tails (Sharklock Bones Fish Detective Book 2)

Sharklock Bones: Zoo Tails (Sharklock Bones Fish Detective Book 2)

"Sharklock Bones: Zoo Tails" is the second in the Sharklock Bones series. "Zoo Tails" has two tails. The first is "Horse" wherein our detective’s horse is missing, disappeared from a locked stall. The second is "The Seafood Restaurant". Our duo is contacted by the zoo keeper who is missing quite a few animals from their cages. All the "Bones" tails take place on or near Fish Town, a town inhabited by talking fish and animals. They talk, by the way, in puns, jokes and anecdotes, riddles and wordplays. All "Bones" tails are written in screenplay fashion to encourage role playing and interaction among readers. Target age group is from eight to eighty.

Glitzch!: How Predictive Text Plays Havoc with British History

Glitzch!: How Predictive Text Plays Havoc with British History

The first in a series of gift books, where mobile phone "auto correct" humorously deconstructs and distorts to give a whole new interpretation of our history and cultureNo part of British life is left untouched, or rather "unGlitzched." Let’s honor the majestic Queer Vicar (Queen Victoria), the Right Honorable Primary Monster (Price Minister), and the National Death Device (National Health Service).